It can serve as a base for terrestrial or astronomical observing and support telescopes or spotting scopes up to a maximum weight of 5kg (refractors of up to 120mm aperture and reflectors of up to 150mm diameter).. As a package this is excellent, with full featured GoTo … Not the most sturdy mount out there, as you might expect given its size, but more than enough to handle my ED80 for visual use. The Skywatcher AZ-3 is a practical altazimuth mount, easy-to-use and providing good stability.. I bought this to mount my new Skywatcher ED80, which is to be used as a travel scope. incl. Skywatcher - Skywatcher AZ4 Alt-Az mount Jupiter is my target (of course ) and at 133x the scope / mount is rock solid, as you might expect from a sub-10lb tube assembly on those 1 3/4" steel legs. SynScan™ AZ GO-TO COMPUTERISED TELESCOPES. 16 % VAT excl. Skywatcher Skytee-2 (AZ5) dual-load alt-azimuth mount head with tripod. My overall assessment of the SkyWatcher SynScan Alt Az GoTo Mount and Tripod is very favorable. shipping costs. The new dual purpose Alt/AZ and Equatorial Mount by Skywatcher. After soaking up the Jovian vista for a while, I up the magnification to 189x - still rock steady but Jupiter is not revealing any more details. The exciting new Sky-Watcher SynScan™ Alt-Azimuth GoTo Mount is a precision engineered instrument that will allow you to easily find and enjoy viewing night sky treasures, such as Planets, Nebulae, Star Clusters, Galaxies and much more. product number: SKY-20302 delivery time: on request 1.399,00 EUR. Its goto accuracy is outstanding however it does have some design characteristics and omissions that detract from the systems performance.I own and use three different goto telescope systems a Meade DS2000 GOTO with a vintage Meade 2045 LX3 SCT and for my Celestron C6S SCT a Celestron CG5 … SkyWatcher Telescope Mounts in Alt Az and Equatorial with manual and computerised goto options including WiFi and SynScan technology COVID-19 LOCKDOWN DELIVERY INFO - We are shipping normally with only some minor delays, all deliveries are now contact-less.