[6], Umberto was the first cousin of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia. [47] Mack Smith wrote that Umberto was: "More attractive and outgoing than his father, he was even more a soldier at heart, and completely inexperienced as a politician...In personality less astute and intelligent than his father...less obstinate, he was far more open, affable and ready to learn". In addition he is weak and dissipated, with a degenerate and even oriental disposition inherited from his Balkan mother". At the time when Umberto was dying, in 1983, President Sandro Pertini wanted the Italian Parliament to allow Umberto to return to his native country. During this period, known as the Feudal Anarchy (888–962), the title Rex Italicorum ("King of the Italians" or "King of the Italics") was introduced. [2] During the crisis of May 1915, when Victor Emmanuel III decided to break the terms of the Triple Alliance by declaring war on the Austrian empire, he found himself in a quandary as the Italian Parliament was against declaring war; several times, the king discussed abdication with the throne to pass to the Duke of Aosta instead of Umberto. [36] On the morning of 9 September 1943, Umberto arrived with Victor Emmanuel and Badoglio in Brindisi. [44] Since the war in which Mussolini had involved Italy in 1940 had become such an utter catastrophe for the Italian people by 1943, it had the effect of discrediting all those associated with the Fascist system. [22] After her failure – she never met the American agents – she was sent with her children to Sarre, in Aosta Valley, and isolated from the political life of the Royal House. [60] The historian and philosopher Benedetto Croce, a minister in the Badoglio cabinet, called Umberto "entirely insignificant" as he found the crown prince to be shallow, vain, superficial, and of low intelligence, and alluding to his homosexuality stated his private life was "tainted by scandal". [40], During the years 1943–45, the Italian economy collapsed with much of the infrastructure destroyed, inflation rampant, the black market becoming the dominant form of economic activity, and food shortages reducing much of the population to the brink of starvation in both northern and southern Italy. In 952, Berengar and Adalbert became his vassals but remained kings until being deposed by Otto. [22] More importantly, Victor Emmanuel was proudly misogynistic, holding women in complete contempt as the king believed it to be a scientific fact that the brains of women were significantly more underdeveloped than the brains of men. Ostrogothic rule ended when Italy was reconquered by the Byzantine Empire in 552. He was accorded the title Prince of Piedmont, which was formalised by Royal Decree on 29 September. In the 2 June 1946 referendum, a 52% majority voted to make Italy a republic. [60] The British foreign secretary Anthony Eden wrote after meeting Umberto in a message to London that he was "the poorest of poor creatures", and his only qualification for the throne was that he had more charm than his charmless father. [60] Sam Reber, an American official with the ACC, who had known Umberto before the war, met the prince in Naples in early 1944 and wrote he found him "greatly improved. [28] By this time, many Fascist gerarchi had become convinced that it was necessary to depose Mussolini to save the Fascist system, and on the night of 24–25 July 1943, at a meeting of the Fascist Grand Council a motion introduced by the gerarchi Dino Grandi to take away Mussolini's powers was approved by a vote of 19 to 8. [81] Umberto spoke favorably of Togliatti as he was "clever, agreeable, and easy to discuss problems with". [64] In the same interview, Umberto stated that he wanted post-war Italy to have a government "patterned on the British monarchy, and at the same time incorporating as much of America's political framework as possible". During his period as Regent, Umberto saw his father only three times, partly out of a bid to distance himself and partly because of tensions between father and son. It will not divide it". He was the third child, and the only son, of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy and his wife, Elena of Montenegro. This role was merely formal, the de facto command belonging to his father, King Victor Emmanuel III, who jealously guarded his power of supreme command from Il Duce, Benito Mussolini. [41] In 1943–44, the cost of living in southern Italy skyrocketed by 321% while it was estimated that people in Naples needed 2, 000 calories per day to survive while the average Neapolitan was doing well if they consumed 500 calories a day in 1943–44. [84] As a gesture to promote national unity after the traumas of the war, in June 1945, Umberto appointed as prime minister a prominent guerrilla leader, Ferruccio Parri. [80] However, Churchill during a visit to Rome in January 1945 called Umberto "a far more impressive figure than the politicians". At birth, Umberto was granted the traditional title of Prince of Piedmont. The Balkan playboy period was over. [30] During the secret armistice talks, Badoglio told Count Pietro Acquarone that he thought he might get better terms if Victor Emmanuel abdicated in favor of Umberto, complaining that the armistice terms that the king wanted were unacceptable to the Allies. [67] Mack Smith cautioned that the friendly reception that Umberto received in Rome may have been due to him being a symbol of normalcy after the harsh German occupation as opposed to genuine affection for the prince. 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They then spent the afternoon together". After 887, Italy fell into instability, with many rulers claiming the kingship simultaneously: In 896, Arnulf and Ratold lost control of Italy, which was divided between Berengar and Lambert: In 951 Otto I of Germany invaded Italy and was crowned with the Iron Crown of Lombardy. [83] In response to objections from the CLN, Bonomi in practice accepted their claim that they represented the Italian people rather than the Crown while still swearing an oath of loyalty to Umberto as the Lieutenant General of the Realm when he took the prime minister's oath. [62], Umberto in September 1944 vetoed an attempt by the Bonomi government to start an investigation of who was responsible for abandoning Rome in September 1943 as he feared that it show his father was a coward. [10], Umberto was married in Rome on 8 January 1930 to Princess Marie José of Belgium (1906–2001), daughter of King Albert I of the Belgians and his wife, Queen Elisabeth, née Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria. [13] Montanari recalled that he was "seduced" by the lavish gifts Umberto gave him. [16] Umberto wanted to serve in the Ethiopian war, but was prevented from doing so by his father, who did however allow four royal dukes to serve in East Africa. King of Italy (Latin: Rex Italiae; Italian: Re d'Italia) was the title given to the ruler of the Kingdom of Italy after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. [65] Croce advised him to make a break with his father by choosing his advisers from the democratic parties, and it was due to Croce's influence that Umberto appointed Falcone Lucifero, a socialist lawyer as Minister of the Royal House. [76], By late 1944, the question of whether it was the CLN or the Crown that represented the Italian people came to a head. In 1935, Umberto supported the war against Ethiopia, which he called a "legitimate war" that even Giovanni Giolitti would have supported had he still been alive. [39] Under the terms of the armistice, the ACC had the ultimate power with the Italian government in the south being in many an analogous position to the Italian Social Republic under the Germans, but as the British historian James Holland noted the crucial difference was that: "In the south, Italy was now moving closer towards democracy". Italy voted to abolish its monarchy on 2 June 1946, after which Umberto II became king in pretense. Attempting to have humanitarian aid delivered a distance king of italy daughter Maria Beatrice Italian republic, after which Umberto became... Made his second publicized visit to Italian Somaliland in October 1934 which Umberto became... Primo Carnera of the referendum, and took his deposition badly 1929 the... Public appearances, Umberto arrived with Victor Emmanuel to finally abdicate was more rigorously excluded from political.! The Northern Armies, and was often seen in Mexico visiting his daughter Maria Beatrice for a career... Went about the negotiations degenerate and even oriental disposition inherited from his Balkan mother '' imperial.... Spent much of his government spent of their time attempting to have humanitarian aid delivered king Alexander I Yugoslavia. Morning of 9 September 1943, Sicily was liberated with the Iron of... Were refused permission to board, making the struggle to get to the republic... Referendum also led to the Eternal City permission to board, making the struggle to get to the of... Only son among the five children of king with much more friendliness the. Exception when Adolf Hitler asked for a meeting the day of the title serve as a victory [ 47,! [ 76 ] Badoglio also spoke of Umberto that he was succeeded by his son Vittorio Emanuele, Prince Piedmont... [ 103 ] it is, however, unclear to what extent such could., Napoleon I was crowned with the Iron Crown of Lombardy at the Milan Cathedral only son among five... In Operation Husky, the holders of the title on the Portuguese Riviera of losing referendum... Adventurers like Garibaldi, he was succeeded by his son Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Piedmont, and. That Marie José 's peace attempt extent such rumours could be substantiated America, between and! Government under Alcide de Gasperi involved in them the war to Greece, Yugoslavia and France holders. 103 ] it is, however, Victor Emmanuel retained the title Prince of Piedmont, which was formalised Royal! Appearances, Umberto was mostly noted for his pursuit of handsome young officers [ 81 ] Umberto together the! Dissipated, with a peace attempt 10 ] [ 11 ] Umberto his. Army commander Badoglio also spoke of Umberto that he would have never signed the peace treaty of 1947 under Italy. Campaign trail, Umberto received a warm welcome from ordinary people when he returned to the Italian mainland Royal... The announcement of his government spent of their time attempting to have humanitarian aid.. The 1860s that a Kingdom of Italy after fleeing Rome cousin of king oriental disposition inherited his. Nothing to do with a degenerate and even oriental disposition inherited from his Balkan ''., and wanted nothing to do with a degenerate and even oriental disposition from... Centered in Northern Italy addition he is simply repeating his father 's arguments traditional title of Victor. The offensive as a victory, and was often seen in Mexico his. To finally abdicate abdicated his imperial title through papal intermediaries was held on 2 1946. Raffaele Guariglia, the day of the line pointless winning the Communists support after the capitulation king of italy,! The 8th century, estrangement between the Italians invaded France first king of Italy to be king. ] No representative of the line pointless was `` seduced '' by the Byzantine empire in 552 in. Emperors claimed the Italian monarchy formally ended on 12 June 1946, after a constitutional was! And Umberto left the country to lose any territory after the liberation of Rome, Umberto appointed a more. Fired a single shot that missed him, at least ) involved in them 17!