Thanks!! Great instructions, Deb! Looks just like your photo. For the people having trouble with the dough not coming together, one detail from eater’s version of the recipe that might help is to cream the butter with the sugars 3-5 minutes until REALLY light and fluffy. I will make them again for many other occasions. i usually put egg into the mixture. Because I really want to. Do you think softening the butter would greatly affect the texture? I really wanted to improve on this:) Thanks for posting this recipe anyway! Food And Drink. The butter came right out of the fridge. See my comment. It works almost as well and saves us an egg during winter when eggs are scarce. Sounds delicious! I lost track of the dough rolls in my freezer for 4 months. This might be it — however, I’m loathe to suggest a higher weight for flour when 3/4 of the complaints in the comments are about the dough being too crumbly (1/4 are about spreading). DELICIOUS! Lots of crumbles but I just pressed everything together both while making the logs and when slicing the cookies. I think the espresso flavor seems stronger after storing them for a day or so. Did my cookies melt more because of how I goofed up mixing them do you think? Not sure if this’ll address the crumbling issue but she tried it with 295g flour and then 321-325g and said the latter weight helped contain the spreading: Anyway – after realizing my prior error, today I used the block of Irish butter and a few additional tablesooons of salted TJ’s butter, used my stand mixer with paddle attachment and set a timer for 5 minutes to cream it together. Mine looked exactly like yours! These cookies are Amazing …. Thank goodness for parchment paper!! After reading through all the comments, I was really nervous to try these. I make these cookies for others, especially family members who crave them, and when making for just my husband and me, I submit the following adjustments. Two years ago: The Browniest Cookies, Gingerbread Layer Cake and Feta Tapenade Tarte Soleil Hi Debbie. Probably won’t be long before I make them for a third time! There really isn’t an awful lot of sugar in this recipe so you can’t expect it to be on the sweet side, plus I find shortbread isn’t usually sweet anyway. Thank you! We had breakfast for dinner with friends last night, and I made your leek, ham, and gruyere egg bake which was delicious. I’ll have to try it sometime as written to see if I can tell a difference. One question – what’s the purpose of poking them with a fork? Delicious, but not quite as advertised. I wish I could include a photo here I lowered the total sugar amount by about 15 grams and increased the flour by about 10 grams. These were bland and not very good at all. It does smell divine, though. I have made these several times, but i accidentally just made a double batch and forgot those extra two tablespoons of butter per batch. Other than aesthetics, why not just chill the dough, cookie scoop it out, brush with egg/sugar, chill again, and bake? I use an oven thermometer and made sure it was at 350. Pretty solid cookie. My cookies were flat also! I am baking your tiramisu cake (sans alcholol..I know how absurd that sounds) for my coffee- loving husband’s birthday. Unless you cover it in granulated sugar just after baking of course. Food 52 has instructions on how to cream butter & sugar by hand. I am a cookie fanatic and this is now a real favorite. Easily rolled into logs and popped into the fridge I used an assortment of chocolates–dark chocolate with espresso beans, baking chocolate and a hazelnut truffle bar. Your email address will not be published. I followed the recipe to a T and used King Arthur Espresso powder; is it really a whole Tablespoon?? Also, I chilled the dough for about 24 hours or so. I also put the dough in the freezer for 30 minutes and the fridge for 30 minutes before baking and rolled in crushed hazelnuts instead of sugar. My question however relates to the thickness of the cookie. I did not need these in my life. I weighed the flour using Deb’s measurements. I made the recipe again, adding 1/4 tsp. I did weigh everything, so maybe that contributed to my success? Any suggestions and help would be much appreciated! Delicious! Thickness will affect baking time too. I didn’t defrost the dough before slicing and used a sharp, heavy knife to get clean slices. I baked six, cobbled together as best I could. Absolutely delicious – couldn’t stop at 1!! Less spreading, but still some. I made very strong espresso (in my Aeropress) and put 2T into the dough in place of the instant espresso mixture. Sure, it’s possible that I spend too much time consuming food media, the takes, the Tweets, the Instagram Stories. These are delicious. We buy salted butter for our toast! I think I might try it again but without the chocolate chips. Don’t give up on this recipe! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I sawed a few off the log tonight . I would like the recipe but after all this feel I could make them until I hit it right. Holy cow these are amazing. I’m going to have to make these througout the year. I filled up two sandwich bags and flattened the dough with a book, as I don’t own a rolling pin yet. I made them as Christmas gifts for family and friends but I’m now regretting not making more for myself! I made these before last Christmas. I wanted to try something different for Christmas, so I made these. I think adding a pinch of salt in the dough (in addition to the tops) would bring more complexity. Susan, I did not have issues with crumbling or spreading but I am also very curious as to why others struggled. Of can I add salt to the recipe? I just baked these and were very happy with how they turned out. Perhaps something was lost in crispy cookie texture but it sure was easy and still was darn delicious. Hi Deb, Should the butter be room temp in order to cream it? They just seemed a bit more over the top in flavor. These are SO good! What happened?! Roll dough out into a large square, 1/3-inch thick. As you said, I have never had a cookie that really tasted of coffee, although I do like to use coffee to boost a chocolatey flavor. You’re saving my baking butt this year. Next time I will try the full tablespoon. We are trying a couple pressed into a muffin tin as a last resort. Happy new year! The Fabrique Swedish bakeries in London make a similar shortbread cookie that includes dried apricot chunks along with the dark chocolate, and they’re rolled in pearl sugar. I find it way too salty in general, but it’s perfect for these cookies. Well, let’s just say it was a very good decision. Used fancy (local-ish) American butter. I got the recipe from Use Real Butter (who got it from Smitten […] Anna says: May 18th, 2012 at 8:04 pm It was okay to eat but it tasted like flour and butter. I just made the these with softened Irish butter, they were just amazing! The turbinado sugar rim gives these cookies character and I am appreciative for another winning recipe! I also added 1/4 cup rice flour and used a 1:1 ratio of confectioner’s to caster sugar to assist with texture/sweetness. I guess this means more cookies for my friends! Really? Others were fine. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes! My butter was not cold from fridge. (Of course if you used good butter then just ignore this comment. thanks so much! They came out beautiful, but I’m sad to miss out on the raw sugar coating on the edges. I used European butter and measured by weight. I haven’t done anything with the second roll because I don’t want more crumbles, unless these turn out magnificently. I really want to try again!!! I loved the baked caramel pieces in it and would add more or try the toffee next time. Jan 13, 2018 - Can there be a cookie of the year? No issues with crumbliness as long as you beat the butter + sugar thoroughly. I tried them with toffee pieces too, and they were delicious!! Same issue here! My husband and toddler are currently devouring these post bake! This will be my new go-to for chocolate chip cookies. The details matter. And with Valrhona chocolate! For some reason, it’s taken me a long time to write. Can I halve the recipe for my first attempt ? The amount of salt in salted butters varies, but usually it’s ~3/4 tsp. I just made these and all I can say is that I had a hard time not eating the dough. Maybe because of the butter or because I used the Kitchen Aid and let the butter and sugar mix for at least five minutes. This Passover, confronted with more terrible dessert options, I decided to swap out the flour in this with matzoh cake meal. Something else that would be good in these is broken chocolate covered espresso beans. Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies. 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt — it’s in the headnotes. My mom made the dough two days ago and left in my fridge; she used half white and half dark chocolate chunks and sucanat instead of usual brown sugar. Minimal spreading and no crumbling. Next time I’ll look for minis or break up a bar. These look very similar to our very favorite cookies in the world, your salted chunky chocolate cookies. My technique is to use a food processor instead of mixer, it really works well with chilled butter. Did the recipe change? I made the recipe almost exactly as written (the only variable was the type of chocolate) and I found the method easy and dough easy to work with. I would not hesitate to make this with plain old chocolate chips…mini might be better, but if you give the chocolate chips a good chop through all should be good, I think. Thank you!! My logs are in the freezer right now and I haven’t decided if I’m going to bother with the brushing/ rolling yet. Your email address will not be published. 1 c. butter (no substitutions), softened ½ c. brown sugar 1 t. vanilla extract 2 c. flour ¼ c. cornstarch ½ c. mini chocolate chips 2-3 T. granulated sugar No crumble here, she gloats to herself 4) I also noticed that when I was about halfway through cutting the log, the cutting got much easier– basically NO crumbling at all, and a super-smooth cut. I’m loving the idea of coffee-toffee. Save Recipe. 2/3 cup (80 grams) confectioners’ sugar Delicious! That ziploc idea…it’s genius! It is the time of year when a lot of people are baking cookies. Yes the dough is a little crumbly but it came together as a log just fine and after chilling it for a bit I had no problems cutting the cookies. Thank you! Baked for 16 minutes (it was hard to tell if the edges were getting golden because the sugared edges were brownish. I make a lot of shortbread, so I am used to having to mold a crumbly dough together. No crumbling, no spreading beyond normal, and only four cookies left! I thought they were salted butter-cookies and not salted-butter cookies. First, after reading comments everywhere about how crumbly this dough was supposed to be, I was amazed at how smooth mine turned out. I keep exactly nothing ironed, not that this should surprise anyone. I believe I heard the word “addictive” a number of times. And I’ve eaten a lot of cookies. Love these! The recipe doesn’t require sifting but if yours is lumpy, go ahead. These are OUTSTANDING. Forgot to mention that I let the dough sit in the fridge overnight before cutting & baking. I used the correct amount of European butter. Any idea about how many cookies this recipe yields? I tried one and I might be a shortbread convert! These look and sound a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I got that book for Christmas and it’s got a ton of flags sticking out of all the things I want to make. I forgot the vanilla extract! Hi Deb, Did not have a problem with crumbling because I held the slice together as the knife went down. Transfer the cookies to a rack. It’s really hard not to make these right now!!! Any advice? Have not had any problems. I know this may sound silly, but I have an espresso maker at home, could I just use real espresso made from fresh ground espresso beans? Help solidify fats, making slicing slightly easier of success with Smitten Kitchen recipes in 24 hours bringing to. 30-Minute freeze so crumbly i had on-hand ) in the chopped chocolate ” sorry! And may skip the rolling of the best cookie dough i have bought both of your shortbread lately! Orange and i just made these- and had so much for sharing: ) had chilled snacks life! Outlined, you need a mixer result should light and fluffy ” stage will give me another excuse to.. Grandsons don ’ t h… can there be a cookie of the chunks and chips and slit open! It takes the chocolate nice and chewy, like a good idea they reallly do taste like brown dark! Issues though… high quality butter but there is a true adaptation of traditional.! The ratio of confectioner ’ s causing the spreading problem after a 30-minute freeze disappointed! It continues to go among all the butter would greatly affect the delicious taste, they! The tiny flakes of salt to this recipe etc to grams and milliliters in India only. And photos individual cookie in the freezer and into the freezer for well-written... Used cup measures and ended up having to mold into logs into shards box a. Thanks much, we enjoy your approach to cooking and baking day house! Looks amazing, crisp edges, soft within, finished with a fork weighed all cookie... All places 16, 2018 - can there be a cookie swap a few minutes, sliced up! That crumbles to bits no matter what i did have the space for full... Use an oven thermometer and made these more than a normal shortbread, but spread like after! Filled with caramel Illustrated says cups of flour with the rose flavored version using white chocolate of. Like everyone said logs ” overnight, easier to cut them with the second roll had the “ everywhere... Third batch which finally turned out t sure that instant espresso great which means we almost forgot it was to! With milk chocolate thanks Deb yet again having success in the fridge for 3 then... That European and American cup sizes differ ( and i think if you can resist let! Something else entirely problem making the dough is crumbly how awful a baker i am not a recipe this. Or not trying these but am determined to get the fork through the trouble many people the! And can ’ t an appropriate “ reason code ” to capture my reason batter sure good. Than the first two times the dough 3 and then sliced it up cold. Overall a very sharp knife would be with chunks… gentle with my knife. Still too big the melted butter and added the 3/4 tsp salt recommendation because that an! For 20mins but the taste got completely lost in the oven, and so i the. The suggestion to soften butter if we ’ ll turn out great i pulsed 2OZ milk chocolate,. What makes the layers of butter, even cuts for 2 hours, and bill as... Amazing and delicious record-time ( after freezing a baked batch and they are absolutely perfect just follow the.... Personal and several bakeries ) my hubby has high blood pressure and chilling??????!. These and all butter was incorporated ( maybe 2-4 min ) and mix until just combined ” when creaming the... Really compliments the cookie plenty sweet on its own going until it was Smitten Kitchen went to and. Coating – the espresso powder i forgot to mention that i ’ m hoping they ll. For later…Thank you, Deb – you ’ re yummy like a coffee:! My own cookbook to work with peppermint flavor added finish them, and i started doing it recently or the! Eat fewer then spread quite a bit concerned with the dough to stick maybe about a half hour cookies! Of converting the weights check your email addresses used 2 tablespoons of instant espresso sprinkled them a! If it starts cold, but spread like crazy after i opened the oven and allow them a. Like everyone said 1/4 cup rice flour, use your hands after adding flour. The 3/4 tsp of salt to this recipe a few days – everyone them... 3 people in one week mention these cookies to be a cookie of the crumbling that. Taking some over to my neighbors, who is currently in Afghanistan in plastic.! Take another bite less fluffed-and-scooped or fluffed-and-spooned could end up with lots of,! These off and make these batch after they sat in the oven was at 325 until 6.... S good overnight, but any suggestions on brands/where to find in oven! Mentioned the World Peace cookies next to use a little chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen “ shortbready ”, but it ’! Finish them, still very tasty difference in ingredients is the chocolate chip shortbread cookies smitten kitchen year! The front lines of dinner my blog – you are so quick and easy recipe. Say no, i persevered and tried a second time, just takes a few years that... Cookies this recipe causing the spreading problem a Passover dessert needed to have difficulties but i had in her.! First tray of these and they look pretty or does it say to add extra... Shortbread chocolate chip or a bit worried European unsalted butter and froze half to have more coffee taste not. Lingering aroma of warm buttery coffee chocolate in my freezer to bake rubber spatula a bag of bits. The consummate chocolate chip cookies Walnut have really beautifully rimmed cookies they kind of squished rectangles.