Enjoy 30 of our favorite meals for pregnancy you can feel good about! Later in your pregnancy, as your baby takes up more space, you may find heartburn to be a frequent problem. If you are looking for simple meal ideas that will be easy to make and delicious to eat during pregnancy, scroll down to know more! tips and a meal plan to help tackle nausea during your first trimester according to a registered dietitian morning sickness is common in the first trimester, but that is no reason to suffer Nausea during the first trimester is extremely common, but … Top 20 Healthy Meals You Should Have During Pregnancy: Before you try any of the recipes below, make sure to check with your doctor about the ingredients that you may be using. The protein and carbs really helped me during some of my most nauseated times! Popsicles – Although I wasn’t a big fan of sweets during the first trimester, these Strawberry Chia Seed Popsicles were great for the nausea! Having small amounts of food every few hours can minimize nausea. The first trimester may cause a lack of appetite, nausea, and a decrease in energy. Early in your pregnancy, morning sickness can be curbed by ensuring your stomach isn't empty. Breakfast Sandwiches – I really liked keeping these breakfast sandwiches on hand for those times I was crashing. Snacks. Being pregnant doesn't mean you have to miss out on delicious healthy pregnancy meals. https://www.birtheatlove.com/healthy-pregnancy-dinner-recipes Meal Plans for Pregnancy in the Second Trimester. ... Small-Meal Ideas.