It has a brown, velvety grind with a strikingly gorgeous flesh. Hopefully you’ll keep in mind from now on, if your immune system is down and you need a vitamin C boost, kiwi’s can come to the rescue. Kiwi, cucumber, pear and … It detoxifies, activates and makes the immune system fit. Green juice is super healthy! The nutrients found in the juice promote the production of your body’s defense mechanism – white blood cells. This is a super simple kiwi juice recipe that’s perfect to get your system going before breakfast: 4 cups strawberries; 2 kiwi fruits; 2 limes (peeled) Delicious, easy to make and chock full of antioxidants! If you have not seen the green energy booster liquid, try this recipe. The Healthiest Kiwi Juice! The Kiwifruit, sometimes shortened to kiwi and also known as the Chinese gooseberry is an egg-sized berry from the genus Actinidia. Kiwi fruit. 1 head of romaine lettuce. 8 Kiwi Juice Benefits. -XoXo Raw Girl. Juice the cucumbers, romaine, and lime. 1. 1 apple (optional) 2 kiwis. Cucumber Kiwi Lime Juice. 10 Amazing Benefits of Cucumber Juice. 1 lime. Cucumber juice is a fantastic choice to boost your immune system. This is one of those really attractive and … Ingredients: 1 long English cucumber or 2 large cucumbers. It Strengthens Immune System.