Menu Ideas: Savory Teas and … Open Main Menu . The quintessential tea party food item is the finger sandwich, a term that simply means a sandwich cut into small enough pieces that you could easily pick it up with your fingers and eat it without making a mess. Darjeeling-Poached … For a fantastic afternoon tea sandwiches choose a mixture of sweet and savory sandwiches from the recipes below, or mix and match flavors to create your own afternoon tea sandwiches creations.. Browse Courses My Classes. For a new take on tea sandwiches, enjoy our Pumpernickel Tea Sandwiches or Smoked Trout and … These recipes help you elevate the humble tea sandwich from the familiar to the fantastic. Smoked Salmon, Corn, and Sun-Dried Tomato Tea Sandwiches make a lovely savory for afternoon tea. Tea sandwiches are the perfect finger food, and in the South certain tea sandwiches are classics. Cucumber Sandwiches, or cucumber canapes, were traditional served as tea sandwiches at British tea parties. These afternoon tea recipes include all the dainty foods you love—mini cupcakes, bite-sized sandwiches, shortbread cookies and more. Welcome! For a tearoom staple, you’ll love our recipes for Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches and Kentucky Benedictine Tea Sandwiches. Sign In Course Catalog My Classes Subscribe Pricing Search . The ideal bread to use for all of these selections is thinly sliced white bread, although you can substitute for wholemeal or gluten-free bread. Plan three to four finger sandwiches per p . These sweet and savory dishes will make tea time the highlight of your day. Cucumber Sandwiches, or Cucumber Canapes, are traditional British tea finger sandwiches that make an easy appetizer recipe for any holiday party! Classic chicken salad sandwiches are given a teatime twist with delicious Darjeeling-Poached Chicken Salad Sandwiches. October 13, 2020. Smoked Salmon, Corn, and Sun-Dried Tomato Tea Sandwiches pictured... Darjeeling-Poached Chicken Salad Sandwiches.