Those breweries and brewpubs employ more than 9,867 people in the state with a $1.2 billion economic impact. The supporter seal is a logo that businesses and organizations can use to declare their support for U.S craft brewers. The BA is privileged to serve a membership of more than 70 percent of the brewing industry, and its members make more than 98 percent of the beer brewed in the U.S. The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild was established in 1998. Founded in 1999, the Washington Brewers Guild is an awesome community of craft brewers fighting to protect the interests of WA breweries and ensure choice for WA beer lovers. Members are comprised of registered Arizona breweries. The Georgia Craft Brewers Guild serves as the voice for the growing Craft Beer Industry in Georgia. Resources. Associate Memberships are granted to businesses and organizations that have some … The independent craft brewer seal is a certification mark confirming your brewery has a valid TTB Brewer’s Notice and meets the Brewers Association’s definition of a U.S. craft brewer. The BA staff is continually updating this data to make this the most comprehensive list of U.S. and international breweries available. Brewers Association members are denoted by the BA logo and Independent craft breweries are denoted by the Independent Craft … Looking for a brewery? The Brewers of Pennsylvania (BOP) is a 501c6 trade association that brings together leaders of Pennsylvania based breweries, businesses that support brewing and enthusiast members in order to promote and protect the brewing industry in the state. In addition to our brewery memberships, we offer allied and associate memberships to businesses offering products and services geared to brewers. Latest News. is published by the Brewers Association (BA), the national organization that represents the small and independent craft brewers in America. Brewers Association . missouri craft beer impact Missouri is the home to 140 independent craft breweries. We promote independent, Georgia brewed, local craft beer. We serve our members through advocacy, education and awareness. It is recognized as a not-for-profit 501 (c)(6) organization.