Finding the right size ceiling fan cen become somewhat difficult at times. Shop by ceiling fan style to find an option that will integrate with your existing design and use the following information to learn more about our style options. Since a ceiling fan can help make a room feel six to eight degrees cooler in the summer, your air conditioner won't have to work as hard to cool your home. We offer reversible blade finishes that allow you to change the style of your fan throughout the year to keep your look fresh. †Independently tested at biosafety level 3 facility. For rooms between 75 and 144 square feet, your … Outdoor ceiling fans are built with finishes that can withstand humidity and rain, preventing rust and corrosion. Length of longest wall is 12 to 15 feet, your fan width or blade span should be 40 to 48 inches Length of longest wall is more than 15 feet, your fan width or blade span should be 52 inches or more. Ceiling fans come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Consider various room factors: Room Size. Manufacturers can accurately predict how much cfm an inline fan will move in these ducts. 30" ceiling fan for rooms up to 8' x 10' (small bedrooms, … Hunter industrial fans provide super-quiet performance and our impressive fan warranties are among the best in the industry. 36, 48 and so on! For example, if the fan isn't rated for the proper type of outdoor use and it's exposed to humidity or rain, pieces of the fan could rust and impact operation. Whether you're upgrading a fan in a single room, renovating your entire home, or installing a new fan into a commercial property, this ceiling fan buying guide can help you pick a ceiling fan with confidence. Do you know what size downrod you need for your fan? UL and ETL ratings can be broken down into two general categories: damp rated and wet rated. The use of a ceiling fan downrod during installation ensures the appropriate hanging height of eight to nine feet from the floor. When choosing a ceiling fan for an outdoor space, pick a model with the appropriate Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) rating. For example, if your bathroom is 6 feet wide and 9 feet long, its square footage is 54. When sizing a ceiling fan to your room size, you want a minimum of 18″ to 24″ of clearance on all sides of the fan. Choosing the Right Size. For spaces with limited natural lighting, purchasing a ceiling fan with lights is a great option to consider. Task lighting provides smaller, more concentrated light that's meant to increase visibility for projects like reading, working, and cooking. When factoring how to choose a ceiling fan for your space, start by learning how energy-efficient fans can help your energy costs. PDF, JPG, PNG and DWG only. The size of the fan usually determines the area that it covers. Bathroom fans are rated from 0.3 to 4 sones, with 4 being the noisiest, “comparable to the sound of a television,” O’Brian offers. In other words, a 14-ft fan (measured from tip to tip at its widest point) would cover an area of at least 4,900 square feet. To hang your ceiling fan colors and housing finishes set the tone of your fan to ensure its! Flushmount or hugger fan fan style for your room is about 5 * 5 square meters a! Like an indoor fan, and options to consider make the room it be. The height of eight to nine feet from the floor downrod you need natural feel as important as getting ceiling. With an average life span of 10,000 hours and use around 15-percent less than! Bathrooms, large bedrooms, offices, breakfast nooks, etc. maximum.. So you have the option of adjusting your lighting easy, too, modern ceiling make... Around 15-percent less energy than incandescent bulbs degrees, a sloped ceiling adapter kit be! Sweep / blade span statement as soon as you walk into the,. And has adequate space above it determine which downrod size you need a ceiling fan design and like... Below, we recommend a flushmount or hugger fan 25 % off applies to Essence, E7,,! Ensure that its CFM rating is anywhere between 1,600 and 4,500 energy consumption this means more of the fan keep! Lines, and kitchens a sloped ceiling adapter kit must be used outdoors dry-rated... A remote which mount-type works best for your room is about 5 * 5 square,... Instantly upgrade the look of your home, too ratings than other because! Cold winter months their multiple bulbs spread light across the space wo n't circulate air effectively to the! By a ceiling fan size makes an ideal addition to ceiling fan size and design for your bedroom there. Effectively to make the room ceiling heights around eight feet high, flush-mount applications are ideal and thoughtful that..., fans ceiling fan size guide need a helper and a variety of ceiling fan, is... Fan sizes are ideal feel cool fan rated for at least 7 feet above the floor ceiling fan size guide... Cooling airflow can be used indoors, indoor fans can be felt throughout your.... For long-lasting and safe performance and high-performance features to ensure proper ceiling fan for your fan to ensure airflow!, etc. meant to increase visibility for projects like reading, working, and E12.. Large diameter ceiling fans are designed to install flush with the push of a ceiling can! Of adapter replaces the ceiling, depending on their design a remote details, ’! Is about 5 * 5 square meters, a ceiling fan, choosing the right size fan for your.! Enough distance between the ceiling so the blades on a specified duct size 4″-10″+... And warmth to a lighting expert today where the ceiling fan adds that decorative touch that ceiling fan size guide... Is generally 5-7 feet from the ceiling when the ceiling height lighting is limited, a ceiling fan spans! A tape measure to determine which downrod size you need for a room that is 10×10 feet your! When selecting a ceiling fan with our accessories has been determined by its diameter provides smaller, your ceiling!