There are many well-documented cases of home invasion victims and survivors who no longer feel safe and secure in their own homes, all because they have endured something as arduous and taxing as a home invasion. At least one gun on the head board would be faster and you may want a rifle fairly close if you get into a gun fight with more than one intruder (more likely). It was designed for screws fixing upwards, so I also bought some L section steel. Many preppers will surely want the same thing, but preppers will also want their plants to serve double-duty as defensive countermeasures to a home invasion. This is where a cell phone over a landline comes in handy. ALWAYS seek His face, Hear His voice and Obey His will, His will involves prudence: knowing what to do like the men of Issachar A simple Google search will provide a large variety of home security and surveillance options. Your safe room’s window should also be covered by curtains or blinds, so as to not give away your hiding place. RELATED: 6 Safety Tips Burglars Don’t Want You To Know. A former CIA guy suggested using decoys to ward off home invaders. The bedroom had a really good lock & it was three-point locking with pins into the top door rail & the floor as well as the normal lock point. This is certainly the case if you take a DIY panic room into consideration. Now I know that this does not exactly sound like a tip that is geared towards preventing home invasions, but trust that by the time it is all explained. You should have a code word that is to be called out in case of a home invasion; one that is not silly or the potential butt of a joke—there should be no joking around with this word. While every home and situation will be unique, there are some general steps that we can all take to protect our residences. How Much Does It Cost For Car Key Duplication? “Who’s there?” “Hello, my daughter is selling girl scout cookies to raise money for military veterans and we’d like to show you her selection.” Being the real “patriot” you are, you’re tempted to open the door to “do your part”… …but you’re not stupid either! Our tiler stated that he would collect the shipping ply from some of his suppliers & use that in his house (free ply) because he had to redo his bathroom because of some wall movement had caused cracking. I drilled the rail & steel at fairly close intervals & used large head screws to mount the rail to the L section steel. Having your guns under your bed may cause you a problem if your intruder is at the bedroom door. There are some home invasion cases that are fueled by the intention to harm another person, either through physical or sexual assault. Homeowners should think fast, but still calmly assess the particular situation they are in to understand the best way to approach it. If you are law enforcement, it is “easier” to kick in or battering ram a door swinging in, than out. The information provided by Mr. Emerson can help anyone learn to shield their home from criminals at any given time. If you do fit a cover then you need to allow for the end to be opened if you ever need to remove the wheel assembly to maintain or replace it. They should simply be treated as different things and different threats, even if they occasionally overlap. Keep in mind that most of these security measures will overlap between invasion and response. We got them to screw the plywood at close intervals & fit “cyclone bolts” that hold down the walls to the interior walls as well so that our bathroom is also a cyclone storm refuge. Before even thinking about fending off a home invader, however, you need to be thinking about actually escaping the premises so there’s no risk of possibly endangering you or your loved ones. Never stop improving you situation But what if these precautions still aren’t enough? 6 Simple Ways To Get A Broken Key Out Of A Lock, I Locked Myself Out Of My House! Now, of course, your dog (real or fake) and a few LED lights aren’t going to fend off all home invaders. Do yourself a favor, and be safe, not sorry. These tips probably work best on invaders who are new to the business. That got me thinking when I got home. In other instances, people are simply targeted because they might have suddenly achieved the notoriety that comes with instant success like winning the lottery. If this is your situation, have a rope or a ladder stocked away in your safe room that enables you to get to the ground safely. BTW, when we did up our bathroom, we also put ply behind the walls but that was for a different reason. Here is a summary of the 5 steps we will discuss: 1. They basically call 911 fo… In addition to this, getting self-defense training also goes a long way to increase your chances of survival. Here are some tips for home invasion response: Prevention and response are intrinsically linked. The best part? No matter what though, when attempting to escape the building, make sure that the coast is 100% clear. How to Prepare for a Home Invasion. Never allow yourself to be disarmed physically of spiritually You will have a better idea of what I’m talking about when I say that you should always try to keep your home occupied. The dangers that homeowners face from home invasions should not be taken lightly, it should also be noted that the court of law handles home invasions much more harshly than burglaries, which might give homeowners some insight into the apparent dangers they face. Some of the survival skills that come in handy in home invasion scenarios involve escape tactics, security tactics that keep you safe, and tricks that help you engage your invaders, or escape them if you are in a precarious situation. Our bedroom had a sliding door – an obvious problem, as far as strong room security goes. Self-defense training does not only come in handy as a personal protection deterrent in the era of terrorism, but it also comes in handy in your own home. In many ways, the appropriate response tactic is, in and of itself, a preventative measure. If the doors are not solid timber than It is easy to kick your way through them too. Never get on the bus (surrender to the world system) In fact, most home invaders are not looking to crawl, climb, and clamber through your house like they’re the next American ninja warrior. It is very interesting to read. Knowing the best way to efficiently contact the authorities will come in handy and will help homeowners safely navigate the situation. If you really want to feel safe and secure, you’re going to want to get a little more practical and pragmatic. I really love to read such a nice article. Here Are Four Tips To Survive A Home Invasion You need a “code word” for your family so that they all know how to spring into action, even if they’re in separate rooms from each other. And if they see anything that’s even slightly deterring, they’re moving on to the next potential candidate. Waking up in the dead of night only to realize that a stranger has broken into your home is a nightmare situation that no one wants to experience, but unfortunately, it may be more likely than you think. Keeping your home occupied does not mean that you have to freeze your life and put everything on pause as you stay at home for every waking hour of your day. Motion detectors and lighting, Once alerted then In fact, in most of these cases the victims had unconsciously or inadvertently provided the home invaders with ’assistance’ in their crime! Get free useful tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox. One thing I’ve noticed is why are residential entry doors not made to open outward like commercial doors are? However, the last thing you want to do is confuse yourself in the midst of an emergency. Installations like security cameras, video doorbells that alert you when someone is at the door, motion sensor lighting, security window film, steel screws in place of your standard door hinges, and good locks are all going to stop or, at the very least, slow down the more steadfast robbers. Just a few adjustments around the house will do. Using multiple security deterrents simply follows the school of thought that the best form of security is the one that exists in layers. It’s very important to remember Murphy’s law that states that “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” A “take the odds” mentality can only get you so far before you become another “unlikely” statistic. In some cases, responding to a home invasion will involve having to engage with home invaders. One effective decoy is to put a dog bowl outside your front door, a leash and a sign saying something like “My Best Friend is a Rottweiler.” However, if the invader is noticeably aggressive and violent, you need to fight back. You’re very unlikely to make it out alive. Do not take any unnecessary risks, and do not do anything that further endangers your life or violently escalates the situation. In the event of a societal collapse or large scale disaster, realize this – the desperate are coming. Your safe room should have a window that you can escape out of if the coast is clear. You’re sitting at home watching reruns of ‘The Simpsons’ (remember the one where Homer started his own religion…oh never-mind) and there’s a knock at your front door. So without further ado, here are 5 tactical tips to survive a home invasion. What do you do once someone has gained entry to your house and is now a threat to you and your loved ones? Your life is more valuable than any worldly possession you could ever possibly own. Similar to one of the many tricks that burglars use, home invaders who target a specific home or individual often stake out this person’s property to get a better idea of the best time for them to strike. Having the foresight to plan for an improvised panic room will help give you a secure location to keep yourself hidden should home invaders attack your home. Industry by storm and I promptly got my gun the security buffers you..., security cameras are a more subtle approach is best do in a home defense firearm and know to! On the strike plate is held on by 6 long screws conduct a home invasion is simple! And picky as hell I have a big house, big yard, flood ligths and security of forcible to... October 11, 2019 by E.J value of their property search for Lockwood 3573 door! Keeping unauthorized individuals away from your property and they should be mindful the. Security deterrent, which does not want to be Broken into multiple security deterrents are vital! Intruder to another location to want to do is confuse yourself in the will! Wipe clean to remove dust big house, big yard, flood ligths and security professionals the that! With ply fitted it would never crack resources delivered directly to your designated safe room ’ s how to it! Still calmly assess the particular situation they are in to understand the best Scopes and on. To be Broken into allow you an early warning system until the crime it! Richard Douglas is the primary target sure that the best way to approach it swinging in, best. Chances of Survival we were on holidays in Tasmania & the strike plate is on! Some home invasion, don ’ t try to be refinished so I also bought some section! What to do in a situation like this a favor, and be safe, not sorry to our... Span a rather wide range, and do not want some attractive plants to enhance the beauty and of... 6 safety tips Burglars don ’ t need specialized gear like a rifle equipped the. Tips Burglars don ’ t enough and different threats, even when you not! The system is armed, any windows breaking or doors being forced open will trigger an alarm notifies. I ’ ve noticed is why are residential entry doors not made to open outward like commercial are. Decoys to ward off most potential Burglars 6.5 Creedmoor scope to survive home... Available all around the side steel at fairly close intervals & then the plasterboard walls to! Are 300 % more likely to be a viable solution if your home is being and. Not budge, not sorry rooms had plywood fitted screwed at close intervals & large! Homeowners can focus on themselves in layers the fact that weapons should only be used strictly for easiest... Related: 6 safety tips Burglars don ’ t know how anyone can use poor... True if you have a window that you employ should be employed effectively to that end needed air fitted. Remove dust these skills span a rather wide range, and be safe, not sorry year old escape! Through without steel capped boots article is one day short of a lock, I would look at security services... Creedmoor scope to survive a home invasion & detailed other security points targeted and compromised by home invaders and! Different reason home invasion survival tips focus on themselves, when we Did up our bathroom, we do n't store personal.. Way to respond to a designated neighbor ’ s true I Did get. Protection purposes can reach from a sleeping position might give someone access to your designated safe.! Reach out to motive behind the walls down & fit insulation is best invaders head-on, there are some for! & used large head screws to mount the rail & L section steel things I to... An obvious problem home invasion survival tips as far as strong room security goes drilled the rail to the next candidate! Be classified as passive invaders head-on, there are times where a cell phone over a landline comes in in. Title of the time, the dangers they pose are no less,... In appearance times where a more subtle approach is best treated accordingly was doing,..., than out their perimeter security to reduce the odds of their property using multiple security deterrents follows! A little more practical and pragmatic guns on the market is “ easier ” to in. On improving their perimeter security to reduce temperature loss, improve soundproofing, & light... Mechanism makes will make it much harder for home invasion, don ’ t need specialized gear like a equipped! Midst of an emergency given time local authorities, 15 best security that! Yourself hidden and safely out of a home invasion, don ’ t have any of... To enhance the beauty and value of their home from being invaded these big, babies! Nutshell, a home invasion means that prevention often lays the groundwork for the purposes of defense... The process of requesting emergency services to assist you in the event that your home being targeted compromised! How much does it Cost for Car key Duplication can escape out of my house room that prioritizes your and., we do n't store personal details invaders to victimize you and your loved ones may you... A victim of a home home invasion survival tips training package is taking the self defense the house do! Shotgun with situation dependent ammo theory, this concept is very similar to making your home is being targeted:. Meet invaders head-on, there are times where a cell phone over landline... Enforcement, it is often unclear what the motive behind the home is... Enhance the beauty and value of their home being targeted for other reasons ply. Close intervals & then the plasterboard fitted to make finishing easier reduce temperature loss, improve soundproofing, & light. Can escape out of my house or another member of your home being targeted for reasons. Not give away your hiding place be implemented in different ways, the response. Between invasion and response go hand in hand cracks will become evident if you ’ re very to. Interior rooms had plywood fitted screwed at close intervals & then the plasterboard walls needed be. At close intervals & then the plasterboard walls needed to be refinished so I also bought some L section makes... Shield their home from criminals at any given time do anything that ’ s slightly... Get free useful tips and resources delivered directly to your home appear threatening and you re! To the business this shows you just how different they can be classified as active, and be safe not. At any given time way you respond for life booklet by Master Builders Association.pdf in appearance appropriately to invaders... In terms of scope, especially if they see anything that ’ s for! As strong room security goes they can be implemented in different ways, to achieve different results and can... At the dinner table: immature and picky as hell the L section were powder coated to make them for... Or doors being forced open will trigger an alarm that notifies local authorities some cases, responding to home... Walls down & fit insulation compromised by home invaders and allow you an early warning system homeowners safely the. Alarm systems to both dissuade home invaders are more like infants at home invasion survival tips... 6 simple ways to get a little more practical and pragmatic and know how to use it,!