The Lavender plant has to be one of the best plants on earth. Apple Trees Dorsett (Golden) grow great in our area with a crisp refreshing taste. How To Grow Lavender Plant -Farm In Pine, Arizona. Citrus trees are evergreen and frost tender. A Katie apricot tree planted in a Casa Grande backyard serves as a foundation plant to hide a bare wall, provides excellent shade, brings interest to an outdoor living area, and provides tasty fruit. The best time to plant citrus trees in Arizona is in … Deciduous fruit trees bring many benefits when planted in local yards. They grow from 15 to 30 feet high in a naturally rounded shape. Chilling hours are those when the temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit but above 32... Other Fruits. What time of year should I plant citrus in Arizona? Added by 1 week ago. Fruits That Require Chilling. How To Grow Lavender? With good production these medium size apples are... Anna apple tree – this large apple has a greenish-yellow skin with a hint of red. Fruit Trees in Arizona Citrus. 31 Views 6 Comments 0 Likes.