Top 10 charmeuse silk vs mulberry silk of 2020 on the market. We're here to help! Our Luxury Pillowcase is made from 30mm 100% pure mulberry charmeuse silk. Silk charmeuse can be made from different types of silk including mulberry silk. Silk charmeuse is more expensive and delicate but is softer and a better insulator.Polyester charmeuse is cheaper and can often withstand machine washing, but it does not breathe as well as silk. The higher the momme, the more the silk. Charmeuse differs from plain satin in that charmeuse is softer and lighter in weight. Silk charmeuse is expensive, but it softer and more delicate. Charmeuse fabric has the same drape and luster as satin, but it is bit softer and lighter; the sheen is also bit muted. Polyester charmeuse is cheap, but it does not breathe as well as the former. ROSELILYS pillowcases and silk sheets are made of mulberry charmeuse silk. Mulberry Park Silks was founded to design the highest quality 100% pure Grade 6A Mulberry silk pillowcases, sheets & accessories with affordable prices. Charmeuse silk, technically speaking, does not refer to a variety of substance as Mulberry silk does, it really is a silk fabric made out of a selected means of weaving, allowing for more luster and glow about the front side area in return for a uninteresting complete at the back. Charmeuse is a luxury fabric made from Mulberry silk with a satin finish. Mulberry silk is the ingredient (means it is pure silk that comes from cultivated silk worms that fed on mulberry leaves) while chameuse silk is the final product, it means they use 100% mulberry silk fibers to weave into charmeuse weave. Mulberry silk fibers are also extremely strong, easily beating steel fibers of the same diameter in strength and durability. Our 30mm silk pillowcase is 58% more silk than the typical silk pillowcase of 19mm and 25% more silk than the silk pillowcase of 25mm.-Why Sleep on Silk? Call us at 800-860-1924